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Abdominoplasty, commonly known as Tummy Tuck, is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to make the abdomen smoother and flatter.  This procedure tightens the muscles of the abdominal wall by removing excess skin and fats of the abdomen.
Tummy Tuck Procedure

There are different techniques in achieving the best tummy tuck result.The appropriate technique will be selected basing on the patient’s condition, the extent of the procedure along with the patient and surgeon’s preference.   The procedure is under general anesthesia.

A Complete Abdominoplasty (Full Tummy Tuck) procedure, an incision is made from hip to hip just above the pubic area.  Another incision is made around the navel to loosen the surrounding skin. The skin is separated from the abdominal wall exposing the muscle and fascia to be tightened.  Excess skin is removed after tightening and suturing the abdominal muscle.  The navel is brought out through the overlying skin in its new location.

A smaller incision is made in Partial Abdominoplasty (Mini Tummy Tuck).  The skin and fat of the lower abdomen are detached from the muscle fascia.  The skin is stretched down and excess skin is removed.  The belly button is either left in place or repositioned.  This procedure is done when there is small amount of abdominal skin to be removed and no significantly protruding abdominal muscle wall.

After the Surgery

A small drainage tube will be used to draw off accumulating fluid after surgery.  The drains are usually removed in 2 to 3 days after the surgery.  Wearing of a supportive abdominal binder or compression garment is advised to minimize swelling and bruising, and to support the repaired tissues. Keeping your hips gently flexed prevents tension on the lower abdominal suture line.  The stitches will be removed during your follow-up consultation with the surgeon.  More strenuous activity should be avoided for a month.

The Plastic Surgery Clinic at Vejthani Hospital provides a full range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery options for both women and men. Our surgeons have extensive training and experience and are dedicated to achieving the highest standard of patient’s satisfaction.

Tummy Tuck in Thailand:

Get the Flat and Firm Abdomen You Have Ever Wanted Only at Vejthani Hospital

Tired of hiding that flopping skin around your stomach? Try our advanced treatment of tummy tuck in Thailand at Vejthani Hospital and experience the miracle of a flatter, firmer tummy skin. Either you are experiencing the conditions of loose tissues and stretch marks after pregnancy or sagging after weight loss, you are guaranteed to get that excess fatty skin removed and achieve that perfect body look.

Tummy Tuck in Thailand
Effective Tummy Tuck in Thailand Is Yours for Good here at Vejthani Hospital

Effective Tummy Tuck in Thailand Is Yours for Good here at Vejthani Hospital

The finest tummy tuck in Thailand is awaiting you at Vejthani Hospital where only certified and recognized surgeons are painstakingly handpicked in order to give you magnificent, amazing operation. The treatment is set in a hygienic and caring environment where only the latest surgical equipment is used. Therefore, you can rest assured that the tummy tuck operation you receive from us is definitely of quality.

Define the brand new you with tummy tuck in Thailand at Vejthani Hospital, the place where the leaner you begins.


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